Service: Preservation Planning

Whether for a single parcel or for an entire community, CPG provides practical and proactive strategies to guide future preservation programs and building treatment which are grounded in both best practices and local vision.

Preparation of Preservation Plans

CPG staff has the experience and expertise to develop preservation plans can be developed for a single historic resource or for an entire community. 

Virginia Beach Preservation Plan, Virginia Beach, VA 

City of Richmond Cultural Heritage Stewardship Plan, Phases I & II, Richmond, VA 

Preparation of Design Guidelines Documents

CPG assists local governments with the development of guidelines that encourage the protection of community character while managing change. CPG’s approach considers local preservation philosophy and community input and seeks to deliver a product that is approachable and useful for both to boards and commissions as well as property owners, architects, and developers.

The Town of Cape Charles Historic District Design Guidelines, Cape Charles, VA 

Virginia Beach Historic and Cultural Design Guidelines, Virginia Beach, VA

Community Engagement

Community engagement is often at the foundation of CPG’s project design. Community engagement takes many forms and can involve public meetings, online surveys, interviews, open houses, or workshops. We with the client to develop an engagement plan that meets the needs and budget of a specific project.

City of Richmond Cultural Heritage Stewardship Plan Phase I and II, Richmond, VA 

Sledge & Barkley Building, Lawrenceville, VA  

Disaster Preparedness for Historic Resources

In response to the ever changing requirements for resilience planning, retrofits, and disaster preparedness, CPG has developed a niche in helping property owners, local and tribal governments, and state agencies to assess risks, tailor retrofits, and implement proactive disaster planning strategies in a thoughtful, effective manner.


R.E.L. Community Center Building Report, Chase City, VA 

Atlantic Permanent Building | D’Art Center, Norfolk, VA

Oral Histories and Community History Days

Oral history is an important element of historic documentation that gives life and depth to our projects. Oral history interviews and digitization of community-owned memorabilia and historical documents helps fill research gaps and can offer a more complete history of a place or community.

St. Paul’s College Historic District Update and History Day

Building Documentation and Scanning

This suite of services represents a broad range of efforts including historic resource photography, HABS/HAER documentation, and full scale resource digital scanning to developing full preservation plans, historic structures reports, or review and compliance mitigation packages. CPG is proud to offer its digital scanning services through the use of our Matterport scanner. 

Fort Norfolk, Norfolk, VA

Sledge & Barkley Building, Lawrenceville, VA