Saint Paul’s College Historic District Update and History Day

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Saint Paul’s College Historic District Update and History Day


Lawrenceville, VA


James Solomon Russell | Saint Paul’s College Museum and Archives

Virginia Department of Historic Resources

National Park Service

Project Goals

Saint Paul’s College was originally listed on the NRHP in 1979 and focused on three main resources on campus, including St. Paul's Chapel (c.1883).

CPG’s current scope of work involves updating the National Register nomination to include other resources on campus as well as hosting a Community History Day for SPC alumni and other community members to share memorabilia and oral histories for archival documentation.

Project Design

CPG, JSR | SPC Museum and Archives, and VDHR collaborated on and were awarded a National Park Service Underrepresented Communities Grant to pursue this project.

The Community History Day will be offer alumni the opportunity to bring memorabilia for digital scanning and to provide an oral history on the impact the college had on their lives and the larger community.


Ownership of the land and resources that were once the campus of SPC is held internationally, making the NRHP update a little more complicated.

Early on in the process CPG and VDHR consulted on the project design to ensure that the project could be successful despite those challenges.  The project is currently underway and the JSR | SPC History Day, held on May 18, 2024, was a resounding success.