Service: Section 106/Environmental Compliance

When federal permitting or undertakings trigger compliance with environmental regulations, CPG assists property owners to evaluate compliance obligations and negotiate any required mitigation. CPG can also complete mitigation work on behalf of our clients.

Survey and Evaluation of Effects
Mitigation Negotiation & Performance Oversight

If adverse effect is found, CPG can make recommendations, help negotiate mitigation options, and execute the agreed upon terms. 

Dry Dock 1, Norfolk Naval Shipyard National Historic Landmark Nomination Update

Winton Country Club Solar Array Installation, National Register Update and Plantings

Community Engagement

CPG conducts community engagement during Section 106/Environmental Compliance projects when the scale of the project requires community buy in to achieve successful results or as a means of evaluating the full impact of a project. 

Fort Norfolk, Norfolk, VA 

UMW Survey and NRN (facilities management; HP department) Mitigation of effects for demoing Marshall and Russell halls