Richmond Cultural Heritage Stewardship Plan

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City of Richmond's Cultural Heritage Stewardship Plan


Richmond, VA


City of Richmond

Historic Richmond Foundation

Virginia Department of Historic Resources

Project Goals

In January 2023, CPG began working with the City of Richmond to develop its first city-wide Cultural Resources Stewardship Plan.

The goal of the project is to develop a management and stewardship plan for the city’s historic and cultural assets that values and uplifts the diversity of the city, recognizing both tangible and intangible resources that are important to the community.

Project Design

The project consists of 2 Phases, with Phase I concluding in the Summer of 2023.

Phase I focused largely on stakeholder engagement, relationship building with community leaders, and gathering input on the city’s existing preservation challenges and opportunities through one-on-one and small group interviews. These results formed the recommendations for the project trajectory in Phase II.

Challenges & Accomplishments

Phase II will see larger-scale community engagement efforts and content development, which is currently underway.

An Advisory Committee was created to help guide the Plan’s draft development and ultimate completion. The Advisory Committee is comprised of preservation professionals who were appointed by project partners and invested community members who were selected through an application process.

Visit the CHSP page on the City of Richmond's website

All documents, timelines, and information can be found at the site.

To see milestones, progress, and upcoming events please visit the City of Richmond’s CHSP page.