Fort Norfolk

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Building Documentation and Scanning
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Fort Norfolk


Norfolk, VA


USACE Norfolk District

National Park Service

Project Goals

Fort Norfolk is the last existing fort originally surveyed by George Washington, and actively used during the War of 1812.

The property has been officially in “caretaker” status for quite some time, meaning that its maintenance and upkeep is not a budgeted item and relies on the availability of end-of-year funds.

Project Design

CPG developed a Historic Structure Report (HSR), which documented existing conditions of the fort.

To ensure proper stewardship, additionally, the HSR was designed to inform USACE staff of priorities and costs so they were better prepared to program end-of-year funds for the Fort’s maintenance and restoration.

Challenges & Accomplishments

Given the project scope and long-term implications, CPG recognized the need to implement a large-scale community engagement effort to solicit input focused on reuse strategies for the Fort.

Engagement included communicating limitations imposed by military readiness and security requirements, coordinating with adjacent property owners, and engaging with stakeholder groups. The HSR and maintenance plan have been used to inform renovation efforts for the past 5 years.