Dogwood Terrace

Section 106/Environmental Compliance
Survey and Evaluation of Effects

Dogwood Terrace Environmental Review and Survey Report


Augusta, GA


Augusta Public Housing Authority

Georgia State Historic Preservation Office

Project Goals

The Augusta Public Housing Authority hired CPG to survey and assess the potential impacts of redevelopment on Dogwood Terrace.

The public housing complex needed this work in order to meet its Section 106 compliance requirements. The review was triggered due to potential affects on historic properties near, or located on, the Dogwood Terrace property.

Project Design

CPG staff conducted archival research and reconnaissance level surveys of each building in the housing complex.

Additionally, CPG completed this work for the properties immediately adjacent to Dogwood Terrace. Findings were summarized and provided to the client using the Georgia Historic Preservation Division’s Environmental Review Form.

Challenges and Accomplishments

Upon review, the Georgia Historic Preservation Division came to a decision of adverse effect for the potential redevelopment.

CPG then assisted the Housing Authority with coordination with the Georgia State Historic Preservation Office and provided a menu of mitigation options, including archival documentation, historic context reports, or a design guidelines memo.