USACE Great Bridge Reservation

Architectural Survey
Building Documentation and Scanning
Historic Resource Documentation
Section 106/Environmental Compliance
Survey and Evaluation of Effects

USACE Great Bridge Field Office


Chesapeake, VA


Guernsey Tingle Architects

United States Army Corps of Engineers

Virginia Department of Historic Resources

Project Goals

Guernsey Tingle Architects hired CPG to perform an architectural survey of the United States Army Corps of Engineers' (USACE) Great Bridge Reservation.

The purpose of the survey was to evaluate the historic site and the potential impacts the construction of a new field office would have on it.


Project Design

CPG’s report included historic context and visual effects analysis as well as a description of the proposed field office.

This report also included documentation of exterior features of all historic and non-historic resources within the Reservation and all historic resources adjacent to the Reservation. CPG also entered all information into The Virginia Cultural Resources Information System (VCRIS) for long-term documentation.

Challenges & Accomplishments

CPG worked with the design team on revisions to the exterior of the proposed building to minimize its visual impact in order to avoid a finding of adverse effect.

The Great Bridge Reservation was determined potentially eligible for listing on the National Register of Historic Places by the CPG team. The VDHR agreed with this finding and ultimately determined that the new building would have no adverse effect on the Reservation.