Downtown Norfolk Financial District

Architectural Survey
Building Documentation and Scanning
Community Engagement
Historic Resource Documentation
National Register Nominations

Downtown Norfolk Financial Historic District


Norfolk, VA


City of Norfolk

Project Goals

CPG was hired to complete a National Register Nomination for a historic district that focused on the financial corridor of the Norfolk's downtown area.

The aim was to recognize the Downtown Norfolk Financial Historic District as historically significant for its urban renewal initiative and to position the contributing buildings for potential incentives that will ensure the long-term preservation of the area.

Project Design

Resources in the 19-acre commercial district were surveyed and analyzed for significance related to Norfolk's mid-twentieth century urban renewal and and redevelopment projects.

Survey materials were used to support a Preliminary Information Form and subsequently a National Register Nomination for the district.

Challenges & Accomplishments

Questions regarding the district's boundary arose during the National Register Nomination public hearing process.

Boundary questions were resolved and the Downtown Norfolk Financial Historic District was found eligible for its significance in architecture and contribution to community planning & development and commercial history. The district was added to the National Register of Historic Places in June 2023.