U.S. Navy Drydock 4

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Building Documentation and Scanning
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Mitigation for Section 106/Environmental Compliance
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Section 106/Environmental Compliance

Drydock 4


Portsmouth, VA


Burns & McDonnell

Moffatt & Nichol

Norfolk Naval Shipyard

National Park Service

Project Goals

CPG was engaged to produce required mitigation related to the modernization of Dry Dock 4.

Mitigation for the modernization of Dry Dock 4 included significant documentation of the historic structure as well as work to capture the history of related Drydock 1 in the same shipyard.

Project Design

CPG staff completed the majority of the required mitigation documents and collaborated with the project's design team to ensure HABS/HAER compliance.

Direct mitigation activities included taking archival-quality photographs, conducting archival research to develop a historical narrative of Dry Dock 4, and developing HABS/HAER-level existing plans, sections, and elevations.

Challenges & Accomplishments

The final mitigation requirement involved completing an update to the National Historic Landmark nomination for Drydock 1, the oldest operational drydock in the United States.

As part of this work, CPG discovered previously undocumented labor history of national significance in connection to Drydock 1 and incorporated it into the updated National Historic Landmark text.