Campostella Heights Survey & Preliminary Information Form

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Campostella Heights Survey & Preliminary Information Form


Norfolk, Virginia


The City of Norfolk

Virginia Department of Historic Resources

Project Goals

The City of Norfolk contracted CPG to assist with evaluating the possibility of establishing a historic district in the Campostella Heights neighborhood.

This former streetcar development is located on a peninsula and consists of primarily single-family dwellings as well as three churches. CPG was tasked with conducting a Reconnaissance Level Survey of the early-to-mid twentieth century Campostella Heights neighborhood and to complete a Preliminary Information Form.

Project Design

The survey required the documentation of 311 properties. Resources with existing VCRIS records were updated and new records were completed for those that had not previously been recorded documented.

CPG staff conducted research at local repositories, including the Slover Library and the Sergeant Memorial Collection, to complete the Preliminary Information form.

Challenges & Accomplishments

CPG's survey results and PIF form underwent review by the City of Norfolk's Architectural Review Board and the Virginia Department of Historic Resources's State Review Board.

CPG’s PIF made a strong case for a future historic district based on neighborhood design and resource integrity and important local history related to Civil Rights and community planning and development.  Norfolk’s ARB gave CPG positive feedback on the project and the PIF was approved by VDHR at the September 2023 State Review Board Meeting.