Barrier Island Center

Historic Building Renovation
Preservation Easement Negotiations & Compliance

Barrier Island Center


Machipongo, VA


Barrier Island Center

Virginia Department of Historic Resources

Project Goals

The Barrier Island Center is subject to a preservation easement held by the Virginia Department of Historic Resources which means any alteration to the property is subject to review.

BIC undertook a major rehabilitation of one of its historic buildings to accommodate visitor programming and interpretation but had not obtained final approval from VDHR first. CPG was then hired to assist with easement negotiation and compliance.

Project Design

CPG served as a consultant on easement compliance, submittals, and remediation of unapproved alterations to the property.

Initial scope included a National Register update for the Barrier Island Center, including the period of significance, and additional justification for the overall significance. The document also included CPG’s research on the African American and Native American history associated with the structure.

Challenges & Accomplishments

To comply with easement remediation following the Visitor Center renovation project, CPG completed treatment reports, updated the deed of easement, and developed retrofit design recommendations.

After a successful resolution of the easement issues, CPG has been retained in an ongoing arrangement to consult with the client on future plans and renovations, assist with rehabilitation strategies, and support client decisions related to design, restoration, and site improvements.