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Building Documentation and Scanning
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Reedville Fishermen’s Museum


Reedville, VA


RFM Leadership

Project Goals

CPG was hired to prepare a historic structure report for the Walker House (c. 1875) to help the Museum fulfill a grant it had obtained from the Commonwealth History Fund.

The grant was intended to fund the elevation of the structure and to address damage from flooding.

Project Design

CPG's scope would assess the building's current conditions, identify and prioritize repairs, and inform routine maintenance.

The document was also intended to be a useful tool in assessing the source of the flood damage and establishing an effective strategy to address the issues.

Challenges & Accomplishments

CPG concluded that the flood risk would not be addressed by elevation and could be remediated through less invasive and costly means.

The report is being used to re-envision the planned repairs and mitigation. It will also enable the RFM staff and Board to plan for and prioritize cyclical maintenance and future work, including the identification of funding to support that work.