Vint Hill Farms Station Historic District

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Vint Hill Farms Station Historic District


Warrenton, VA


Echelon Resources, Inc.

Virginia Department of Historic Resources

National Park Service

Project Goals

CPG was hired to complete a survey and National Register Nomination for the Vint Hill Farms Station.

The 126-acre former military complex was used for Army Intelligence monitoring, extraction, and storage between 1942-1997. Vint Hill was found significant for its role in decrypting intercepted messages that provided critical intelligence for the successful D-Day Invasion of Normandy in 1944.

Project Design

CPG's research findings suggested that this historic district could have national significance, a much more rare component of National Register of Historic Places listings.

Vint Hill Farms Station’s military connections did not end with WWII. Following the conclusion of that war, Vint Hill retained a role in military intelligence throughout the Cold War. Many Cold War-era files remain classified, and therefore, not much is known about the role the station played during this era; however, it is likely more information will come to light in future decades.

Challenges & Accomplishments

Even without the inclusion of classified information, a successful case was made for Vint Hill Farms Station to be nominated with national significance for military history.

The Vint Hill Farms Station Historic District was added to the Virginia Landmarks Register and National Register of Historic Places.  Achieving both designations has positioned contributing buildings to the district to be eligible for historic tax credits at state and federal levels.