Commonwealth Preservation Group

Resilience Planning for Recurrent Flooding

CPG is located in Norfolk, Virginia, a community which has the highest relative rate of sea level rise on the Atlantic Coast.  As a natural outgrowth of our preservation consulting services, CPG assists property owners interested in responding to the challenges of climate change and minimizing their potential loss in natural disasters.   Projects have ranged from large scale planning efforts, such as our involvement in the CCDC design project in Chesterfield Heights, Norfolk, VA to individual resource management strategies.  CPG provides tailored recommendations for resiliency efforts based on architectural character, site conditions, and challenges specific to individual properties.  Our approach is to protect the resource without detracting from its historic character. For more information, please email us at [email protected]


Adverse result from improperly filled basement – water penetrates finished space

Basement infill

Elevated first floor level with entry at original grade

Interior flood barrier rails

Water resistant Durock wall material, assembly and framing integrated with finishes