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Community Bank, Petersburg, VA

Community Bank, Petersburg, VA Before

Prior to a 2011 renovation, Petersburg’s Community Bank had suffered from deferred maintenance with few tenants in the recent past. The owner proposed rehabilitation for mixed use, installing office space on the building’s first floor and residential apartments on the upper levels.

Community Bank, Petersburg, VA After

Constructed c.1911-1914, Community Bank is one of a few turn-of-the-century high-rise buildings in downtown Petersburg. The building is a seven-story American bond brick structure. Using old photographs, workers were able to identify and reveal historic limestone arches from under the cracked stucco covering part of the building’s exterior. The structure’s missing cornice and outer double leaf doors were also replaced. In the interior, an effort was made to preserve the building’s unique historical features. Renovations revealed closed transoms and opened up historic decorative ceilings, formerly encased in dropped acoustical tile.

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