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117 S. Lee St., Alexandria, VA

117 S. Lee St, Alexandria, VA After

The Alexandria Historic District achieved designation as a National Historic Landmark District in 1946, only the third neighborhood to gain this distinction at the time. Overlooking the Potomac River and Washington D.C., the neighborhood contains a number of Federal structures, as well as other architectural styles from the 18th and 19th centuries.

117 S. Lee St, Alexandria, VA

117 S. Lee St., a brick dwelling constructed in 1870, had a crumbling foundation and poor drainage, allowing water to seep into the basement. To remedy the problem, a structural engineer oversaw the digging out and reinforcing of the foundation. Further exterior renovations included replacing inappropriate, modern mortar with mortar specially matched to the original blend. Mid-twentieth century front steps were replaced with stone stairs oriented toward the street, replicating the design original to the house. Interior updates took into account the owner’s needs while preserving the house’s unique architectural features.

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