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Phoebus Historic District Hampton, VA

Phoebus Historic District, Hampton, VA  |  Residential

Phoebus Historic District, Hampton, VA | Residential

The Phoebus Historic District is located within the city of Hampton, Virginia. Phoebus was originally an independent town within Elizabeth City County dating from 1874 to 1952. Elizabeth City County and the town of Phoebus were annexed to the city of Hampton in 1952.

Phoebus Historic District Hampton, VA  |  Commercial

Phoebus Historic District Hampton, VA | Commercial

The town developed from a 17th century settlement along Mill Creek, which was a navigable waterway providing access to the lands within Elizabeth City County. The town of Phoebus is located northwest of Old Point Comfort, which was a strategic military and port location on the north side of Hampton Roads from the 17th century until the present day, and which serves as the home of the 19th century Fort Monroe. The town grew during the Reconstruction period with the addition of a railroad line, streetcar line, commercial corridor, and supporting residential building. Its proximity to the ferries that operated from Old Point Comfort facilitated its growth and development. The opening of the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel in 1957 was a watershed event for Phoebus resulting in the elimination of most traffic through the town and a halt to significant construction projects. As a result, the town and its architectural resources remain much as they were when the tunnel opened.

The historic district was found significant under Criteria A and C for its development as a town in Elizabeth City County during the Reconstruction period and for its town planning and architectural character from the period 1874 to 1957.

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