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Kenmure, Norfolk, VA

Kenmure Interior Norfolk, VA  |  Before

Kenmure Interior Norfolk, VA | Before

Kenmure was originally constructed in 1845 as a two story dwelling; c1855, a third floor and cupola were added to the existing building. The Greek Revival dwelling is one of the most significant residences in the West Freemason Historic District.

Kenmure Interior Norfolk, VA  |  After

Kenmure Interior Norfolk, VA | After

By the mid-twentieth century, the dwelling had been subdivided into 8-10 apartments; in 1977, the previous owner began the task of meticulous restoration and was able to reduce the use to a single family residence and two offices (located in the basement and on the first floor). The previous owner placed an easement on the property in conjunction with its restoration. This reduction in the intensity of its use has significantly benefited the dwelling however some inappropriate alterations remain in place due to the need to subdivide the separate units.

When the new owner of Kenmure purchased the building in 2007, he was not informed of the easement status on the building. When he began to inquire about historic tax credits for the rehabilitation he was about to undertake, he quickly realized that he also had an obligation to conform to the terms of the easement on the property.

CPG has worked with the property owner and architect to ensure that the proposed treatment plan is appropriate. Through several phases of planning, we have explored a proposed addition, changes in use and alternate restoration strategies. The property owner now occupies the building for his dwelling and residence, and restoration efforts will continue for the next couple of years.

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