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Brewer Jewelry Company, Suffolk, VA

Brewer Jewelry Co. Suffolk, VA  |  After

Brewer Jewelry Co. Suffolk, VA | After

The Brewer Jewelry Company Building located on W. Washington Street in Suffolk, VA was renovated using historic rehabilitation tax credits, and completed in 2006. Built around the turn of the 20th century in the commercial style, the building located at 156 W. Washington Street housed several businesses during the 20th century.

Brewer Jewelry Co. Suffolk, VA  |  Before

Brewer Jewelry Co. Suffolk, VA | Before

At an unknown date, the entire façade was clad in synthetic stone and stucco, covering the historic windows and details which gave the building its character. During the course of the project, the developer removed the modern cladding and restored the historic character defining features on both the interior and exterior of the building. The two story building was then converted into a restaurant on the first floor with an office above.

This owner received over $100,000 in state tax credits and over $80,000 in federal tax credits to offset the cost of this renovation. This building also spurred adjacent property owners to undertake tax credit rehabilitation projects on five other buildings in the 100 block of W. Washington Street to date.

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